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The History of Wallbeds "n" More

The San Ramon Wallbeds "n" More store is owned by Liz Roller, the originator of the Wallbeds “n” More store concept. Liz opened her first wallbed store in Dublin, CA in 2003. Her father was also in the furniture business and owned a furniture store in San Carlos, CA. He also saw the unique need and value of wallbeds and happily supported her business venture.

Liz opened the store because she felt Murphy Wallbeds were the answer to the ongoing need to maximize the space in your home. Many people have rooms that they need to use as offices, exercise rooms or even play rooms for kids, but they also need a spare bed for when guests come and visit. A wallbed is the perfect solution for the multi purpose room.


In 2006, Liz moved her showroom to San Ramon. She and also owns the showroom in San Diego. Wallbeds "n" More corporate has over 17 locations in California, Arizona, Texas & Washington.

Liz Roller Wallbeds n More owner

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